Harrsment from Credit card collection Agency

Hi Team, My name is Anthony and I worked in UAE for some time in the year 2013 I lost my job and came to back india. when I was in UAE I was using RAK bank Credit card and I was making payments correctly once I came back to india I was not able to make any payment and I became a defaulter. Now 2015 they started to call me for payments, I gave them an option which suits my financial situation which they don't seems to be agreeing and they trying to threating me and also they have contacted my relation and discussed about my due and blackmailing them that they will in trouble if I don't make any payments. I would like to clarify certain things with our respected lawyers 1. what action can be taken again these Collection Agency's 2. will I be able to make police complaint against these collection agency's 3.wil I be able to file a law suite against them for spoiling my reputation among my relations and also they have discussed my personal financial matter to others. 4. As customer what is the authority I have against these people and should they agree with the payment option which suit my financial situation. 5 if they contact my relative and threaten them what are the steps i can take against those agency's. 6. Dose Indian law protect us from these foreign bodies and these collection agents. 7. Do we have any court where we can settle these kind of matters. 8. Do we have any group or social bodies who can help us in this. 9.If i go for an lawyer will he be able to handle these agency's behalf of me. Please am not asking this questing for my sake, i have went through so many portal where people are asking the same question and no one have answered, Being in India and getting harrsed by same india for a foreign bank looks very sad. please answer question and i will post them on all the portals which will help millions of Indians.