Forceful demand for ownership

My father built this house back in 1989 after working hard and saving money. Originally his family was from a very remote village area. So after buying the house in town like Kolkata with his money and in his name, he took his parents, and siblings from village and they stayed here for many years before his sister's got married and brothers got separated due to their jobs. During the initial years of their staying in this house, they made their own government id cards with the address of this house only and later that continued with their spouses (in case of brother's) and children also. Although the sole owner of this house is my father only, still my uncle's family kept the address of our house as their official address and they don't even live here anymore. We have many times requested them to change their addresses but they didn't do anything. Few days back one of the uncle said he has ownership in this house as his address in every government record is this and now he wants a share. He hasn't done any good for us rather ripped us many times. So i want to know if he's right or not and how can we, being the owner of the house, take step to remove our address from their records.