Dhana settlement for sold land

Hi Sir/madam, My grandfather have 5 sons including my father,he have gave his agricultural land into 5 equal part to his sons in 1998. 1)Rajarathinam 2)Rajendiran 3)Rajagam (selvam who gave dhana settlement) 4)Sundaram (My father) 5)Selvam (Sold his entire land to my father) After that in 2003 my father have bought his younger brother share completely.But my father haven't took complete position of the entire land.Some year later my father younger brother who was sold his entire share land to my father have gave dhana settlement to another brother for the portion of land which we doesn't have position.Is it possible to give dhana settlement for the sold land.After that we filed complaint to thasildar and RDO via CM special cell ,BY RDO order the sold younger brother have cancelled the dhana settlement document and surrender to us.But the elder one who have the position doesn't allowing us to take position and filed civil case and making trouble with respect to check panthi like that. I want to file an FIR on both the criminal who made fake dhana settlement for our land ,but police officers refuse to file FIR regarding it hence government corrupted staffs who helped making the fake documents and extra areas in the chitta . What to do sir,whether case will be favour for us or its not possible to cancel that dhana settlement documents sir,please suggest me how to get succeeded. my number is [deleted]