Court fee exemption for probate in Bombay.

We three sisters have been appointed as executors for the property in vile Parle by our deceased brother by his last will which is registered document. We three are ony executors and not beneficiaries. We have to distribute the amount after sale of the property among his grand sons and grand daughters. At present there is only one grand daughter. 2ndly that property was never in our possession. It was joint family property and one of our cousin brother wanted to grab the whole property and so he had filed case against all of us in civil court, in which result was given in our fair and case was dismissed in 2016, but our cousin then files FA in high court Mumbai, it is pending since 2016. At present property is under the possession of receiver since 2001 till date. Mean while our brother died in 2013. As we filed petition for probate we have been asked to pay 75000 rs as court fee. Can we get exemption for court fee on the following grounds- 1. Wemen petitioners 2. Only executors and not beneficiaries 3. Property is not in our possession at present.