Brother denying me to live in my father's property

My father and mother passed away long ago without making a legal will for their self earned property. We are 2 siblings including myself and my younger brother. Since I had a transferable government job, I wasn't staying in the property as long as I was in service until last year and my share of house i.e. one floor was put on rent from last 10 years and the other floor was occupied by my younger brother and with my consent he collected the monthly rental amount (in cash) as he said that he is in need of money. Now the problem is that last year when I retired from my service, I went to stay in my share of property with my family and then he simply denied our entry into the premises saying that he won't let us stay nor would ask the renter to vacate. He is not ready to talk anything and sort out the issue and doesn't even answer my calls let alone allowing me to meet him. He wants to be the only one in possession of the property and everywhere I go to seek legal advice I am told that there is not much I can do, apart from filing a partition suit, as he is in physical possession of the property. Please let me know whether I can take the help of police and file any FIR against him for denying me possession of the property since I don't want to file a partition suit as it may take years for the verdict to come and I don't have anywhere else to stay till then and currently I am living in a rented house and finding it difficult to meet my end needs as pension is my only source of income. So filing a case is not possible for me both physically and financially. Please advice me how can I get legal possession of the property and can I take help from police to get physical possession of my share in property. Thanks