What are the right of a honest son?

Below are the points which explains my situation and where I need guidance from the experts: 1. My father has purchased the property of my grand father at low cost. 2. I have earned for 6 years and given them all my earned money honestly from starting of my career but they have kicked me out of the house just after my marriage saying our responsibilities are over now leave on your own. 3. They have made a very sound bank balance out of my earnings and I have never saved my own money now I am empty pocket renting 1 room kitchen so by this way they cheated me, now they are saying that your money is spent on your marriage and purchasing bike so we don't have any money of yours now but I know out of my earnings they have just spent only 10% and other 90% is there in bank account. 4. They made me homeless, helpless & moneyless and now they are enjoying on the interest of my earned money. 5. They are not even allowing me to build a small room on their tenament and I am living as a ORPHAN without any support. 6. They have also challenged me do whatever you can.....we will not give you a single rupee, not allow you to build a room and not allow you to enter my house. Please help me in this case thanks in advance