Seller say's Original Agreement I dont have after Property Registration.

Respected Sir, 2 months Ago, I went to see property and I asked to seller that do you have all Paper cleared with original Agreement he said yes in a Locker and gave me copy of Agreement .I was interested in property so I started the procedure and last week my property Registration completed . Now like all banks disbursement procedures my bank(ICICI)asked for chain agreement .So I asked to Seller and he said "it's in my friend's bank locker and he is out of state he will come after 1.5/2 month(he sounds like I am not sure when he will come) .This is the situation because in Registration agreement its clearly written "within 45 days all remaining amount (Loan amount )should be paid " but seller is not providing me proper documents .what should I do? any legal way to cancel property based on his reason of seller and get claim all token amount +stamp duty and registration because seller somewhere seems like not saying what exactly the case (feels like he's lying all locker and all. don't understand what to do ).Please help me with this problem .