What action I can take against the culprit

Below mention matter I had given to the police station. I got to know it should not be as "FIR" I should mention it as complaint. Subject: FIR against Mr. & Mrs. Kumar resident of 2nd floor, No. 18, Pocket no. 10, Sector-20, Rohini, Delhi- 110086. Dear Sir, This is to inform you that I Seema Sharma and my mother Kavita Sharma are the owner of the property No. XYZ (Bought it with roof rights). There was an issue going on with 2nd Floor owner Mr. Kumar related to roof key, I have given roof key to our common know person through which they can get the key and open roof when they need it in urgency on 25th January, 2015, they are just cross the road. But still they have a problem and want key with them as they don’t want to go to get the key from our common known person or to my tenant on 3rd floor. They have already broken some part of the roof where I kept my water tank. I am not saying no to give the roof key, when they need the key they can get it from me whenever they need it. Now I want to bring two incident in your knowledge as I visit there alone (3rd Floor, No. 18, Sector 20 Pocket 10, Rohini) and I don’t feel safe when I visit Rohini on above address. Last time when I visited at my flat on 19th January, 2015 to get the monthly rent from the tenant, Mr Kumar asked me to talk, I politely told him that I will talk to him later as I need to deposit some money to Nirman Bhawan before 2.30pm (Slip attached for your reference). But he shouted at me and was saying “tu chor hain kya.. ye building teri hain kya”. He was shouting at me so I said I don’t want to talk and I left the place, but Mr Kumar didn’t stop he followed me to the main road and tried to stop me to take the mini bus to Rithala metro. Now on 26th June, 2015 I visited there again and asked Mr Kumar’s wife to give the roof key which I have given to them and I want to give that to my new tenant and asked 2nd floor (Mr and Mrs Kumar) that they can get it from my tenant as and when they will need it. Instead giving my key back she asked why I am giving 3rd floor to boys, I said if there will be any problem you can tell me, on the same day I will get my place vacant. But she said I want roof key, we don’t want to go to 3rd floor for key, we want it in our hand. I said no to her and got my key back after asking for it 8-10 times as I didn’t have duplicate key and my new tenant need to get the water tank cleaned. After all that she started talking loudly I told her I can’t talk this much and can’t face there way of talking (speak so loudly) as I have medical problem and started going downstairs. But Mrs. Kumar followed me and held my hand I asked her to leave me but she didn’t leave for long time. There is a slum in front of the building no. 18 all ladies know Mr & Mrs Kumar as they stay there and all of them were in there favour and also started saying me that you have to give the key to them. Now I am not giving my place on rent I scared they can create problem for them too which they did for old tenant. This is the end of my complaint. I want to know what action I can take against 2nd floor people now. I actually dont feel safe when I visit my place. Other thing on 25th that lady held my hand what was her intention she wanted me to get aggressive and wanted to hurt me physically. Can you suggest me what to do now.