High Rise Apartment - Covering of Balcony

I had Purchased Flat in Noida, that is still under promoter for maintenance. After observing others in my Society premises I wanted to cover my balcony with Aluminum Glass, Mosquito Mesh frame works. When my contractor can with material to do the job he was not allowed to enter society premises. when I enquired with Security and Maintenance team on why was he not allowed, they said you cannot cover balcony. I told almost 50% of flats do have covered balcony why are you discriminating. Without much disclosure or explanation, I got a reply as per UP Apartment Act 2010 you cannot cover balcony whether temporary or permanent, else will lead to cancellation of your flat registry. Question is 1. Can Promoter do such Discrimination? 2. if Act is applicable, why has promoter have allowed covering and alteration in Balcony to around 50% of owners? 3. when and how will Promoter ensure others remove balcony cover? 4. Even if Promoter gives them notice, still owner does not remove cover of balcony, then will it lead to cancellation of their registry?