My Share in property

I am a 24 year old male from an affluent family. My grandfather was an ips officer and he passed away in 2007 without a will. I am an only child and the property was equally divided in 4 members - my grandmother, my father, my aunt (who is a spinster) and my uncle( my father's younger brother who is married since 1887 but doesn't have an issue). Rightfully I should have been included in the property but wasn't. My father, grandmother and aunt have all respectively made registered Will's naming me as their heir and successor. My uncle on the other hand has differences with my father and isn't too keen on giving me his share. We have a lot of property and family money and are one of the biggest landlords of my city. My father is a well reputed advocate and that's why I am a bit reluctant to consult any local lawyer. What ways are there to get the property to be divided into 5 instead of 4 because the extra 5% that my uncle is getting at the moment is worth a few crores too. I would appreciate your help and advice. Thank you. For reasons I would like to stay anonymous.