Ancestoral property partition

Hi, The situation is as below: The great grandfather purchased few properties around year 1940 in the name of his two elder sons(S1& S2) and didn't include the name of his youngest son(S3) in the property purchase papers. The property paper bears thy name of S1 and S2 only. He had total 3 sons and all were minor during the purchase. After some time second son (S2) passed away without marriage. Sons S1 & S3 got married later and both died before year1975. Great grandfather, S1,S2 and S3 all passed away intestate before Year1975. Great grand mother and Spouses of S1 and S3 also passed away. S1 had 2 marriages and have sons and daughters from both marriage. Both S1 and S3 now have surviving sons, daughter, grandson, grand daughters, great grandsons, great gran daughters. Some of them are still living and some have died. Properties of grandfather are physically occupied by different survivors of S1& S3, but not in equal proportions and some of them have renovated the same and enjoying rental income as well. Those who are having larger portion or who have done some investment in renovation are not willing to partition and more over in equal partition among all. My queries are as below: 1. S1 was minor, and purchase was done by great grandfather before 1956. Will the property be considered of S1 alone as it was in his name. And will it be partitioned to survivors of S1 only or will it be of S1 and S3 both and will be divided to survivors of both S1 and S3? 2. Since both S1 & S3 died before 1975 i.e. before 2005 amendment, will all daughters/daughters's survivors (or only living daughters/daughters's survivors) of S1 & S3 get portion in the partition? Thanks