Agricultural land issue regards area - Not match with legal document and Government FMB.

Sir, I am from Andhra pradesh. My father had a agricultural land which was purchased by my grand father on the name of my father on 1979. On registration deed it was 1.30 acre. But after few years the government make online pass book it was shown as 1.09 acre. The issue was total land was 2.18 acre of single survey number. Out of that 1.30 was purchased. Remaining land was to another person on same survey number. He was cliam in online as 1.09 acre. When we make a complaint local VRO. he conduct a survey and said that total land was tally for 2.18 acres. But he measured as per FMB of government. The land was divided into 5 parts and three parts land is 1.09 acres. We asked other party for the legal agreement they said that it was come from my fore father there was no agreements. The local VRO said even if the other party purchase less land . As per FMB only he got more land. How the problem was solved. Please help sir, no one was helping me and they are saying that even though u go to court the problem was not solved in your favour. 1. Important the other party was recently added their land in Adangal.before he hadn't registered. On which basis the government issued passbook on his name we didn't understood.