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Dear All, Please not after 01 month of marriage my Husband and family started torturing me physically and mentally and later on he left me at my parents home and filed a case against me in Family court (Dhara 10 - Judicial separation ) , by mistake of my first lawyer we ended up filing Dhara (13,25,27 -- together and 24 separately) now after 10 month of filing 13 below id my case condition 1- 8000 as Interim -- under 24 2 -Nothing decision on 25 and 26 3 -10 and 13 clubbed together and he is forcing for My statement in case As my husband is not ready to give any Stri Dhan (approx 20 Lacs -- including 5 lacs cheque in the name of Father's Husband) also he is not giving maintenance of 8000 regularly and his intention is to take divorce and marry another woman asap and leaving my life unsettled also he is not ready to settle any regular and one time settlement , In the view of the same i am thinking to remove Dhara 13 as i am not ready to let him marry after destroy my life like this and here are my questions on the same. 1 - What should be my action where i should take my case of Divorce back ? 2 - If yes , on what grounds ? 3 -As 24/25/26 are together with 13 , whether they will also become null ? , if yes how i am gonna get settlement money and interim 4 - What will happen in Dhara 10 , i don't want judicial separation if i am not getting my Stri dhan and Maintenance lifetime ,, whether i can oppose it and how? 5- If judicial separation is awarded in favor of him ,, whether i ll get my Stri dhan back and what about maintenance and one time settlement Please suggest as my case is in critical situation and my Husband is criminal minded , he tried to kill me several times, Please leave yore Mo no ,, so that i can contact you Jyoti