Extra marital affair, abandonment, no maintenance ever provided

I have been staying separated from my husband from more than 1 year, after an altercation that lead to their family members pushing me out of my marital home. 1. Husband had been having extra marital affairs but I tried to accommodate for long over the 12 years of our marriage. I have been staying along with my parents mostly when I had loads of differences. 2. I stayed abroad for my higher degree for 4 years after marriage, a situation mutually agreed between us. During my stay abroad, husband admitted to have affair with his own cousin. 3. We have a daughter aged 6+ and no maintenance has been given ever to her, only for a year her school fees was paid by her father. 4. I am more qualified than him, though earning 1/4th times he is earning, but neither he nor his family is supporting me or my daughter. 5. He is still continuing an affair with a known girl from his company. My queries are 1. NCW, Delhi never acted on my initial complaints of misbehaviour and torture by the husband and in laws as they were just putting the case from one door to another....all this is govt sector eye wash. My query is how do I get best legal services availed and push everyone who erred with me against the legal wall. 2. All of my belongings even mine and my daughter's daily items remained at my marital home, I was not in a state to take all my stuff with me. How much all of them owe to me, if I file the most appropriate cases. 3. I am supporting my own expenditure and my child's school and other maintenance...whether I am liable for maintenance. 4. If my husband now has a child from extra marital affairs, would that affect my case of divorce.