Settlement Agreement for Divorce between parties OK?

As I had explained before there were many drams happened before they agreed for settlement. But will explain in detail so that you have complete details. I was married in July 2010. As she was studying she was still in her parents house after marriage. She came to my house in January 2011. But she was so arrogant that she started abusing my parents the day she came. Always she wanted to live separate. But am the only son, so I can't leave my parents alone as they are aged. I wanted to take care them. This arguments went on and on. She was also doubting a lot even if I talked to my girl colleagues. So I tried to avoid the situation talking to my colleagues so that we don't have problem between us. But she took one step more and she talked bad about me and my sister relationship. That was unbearable for me. Later she left my house in March 2011 saying she had to go to her town to admit for correspondence masters. But she did not come back. We tried to settle this issue with family elder people, but did not worked. I got a assignment from my company to go abroad in October 2011. So I left to abroad for my assignment in November 2011. I came to India in April 2012 and filed a contested divorce and flies back to abroad. As I couldn't attend the precedings of court for personal reason that case was closed. She filed false 498A on me and my family in July 2014 which was quashed by high court as it was false one. Later in September 2014 I filed a contested divorce again with reference to the old. But she did not attend the precedings but she sent objection and that was cancelled later. As they were not attending my lawyer asked court for ex parte divorce. Again later in May 2015 her father filed false 307 and other cases on me and my family. As police were knowing it is false they registered complaint but did not do any arrest. As I was outside India when they have complained it found to be false for police. But suddenly they are asking for settlement through their lawyer and some of my relatives. So my lawyer has talked to their lawyer and police regarding the settlement. So as per that their lawyer says they have agreed to settlement for xxx amount. So my lawyer is making an agreement draft about the settlement of money and her father will take all cases back except 307 as it is compundable. So my lawyer told that we can quash that case through high court with this agreement documents and other documents. So my lawyer told he will take sign from her father and from her as well for the agreement copy. And then I can go later to Indian may be after 2 weeks and finish all the precedings. So after having that agreements signed by her and her father, is it safe for me to travel for precedings. Can they change and file any false cases after this agreement to make sure I don't go back to abroad. Can they do any harm still after this agreement. Please guide what is best to do at this time and if I go for final procedures what care I should take care so that I don't get trapped if they are planning for it. And what will be next procedures after they sign agreement papers?