Tenant Asking for Money to Evacuate.

I have only one small house in New Delhi. 40 Sq Meter property.Ground Floor having 1 Room Kitchen and Toilet Bathroom Combined. I made a non-registered rent agreement for 11 months. I had let out this property to a person. He never paid rent on Time from the starting. I told him to Vacate but he denied that he cannot atleast before11 months of AGreement. So i let him to stay till the agreement end. Now agreement has been over since October, 2014. I have not renewed the agreement and he is not moving out. He has not paid the rent for 8 Months since December - July. He just keeps asking for time. One day he called from Different number and asking me Money, then he will vacate the place. Then i got to know that he did the same thing with previous landlord. He received 2 lakhs to vacate previous house. Later i also got to know that he already has a case going on him for theft. He has criminal record. My mother is a widow and house is on her name. Even i am living on Rent. How can i vacate him Fast? I have already spoken to lawyer for sending him Legal notice. Is there any other way apart from Court? Please advice. If it is from Court, What is the time taken for Eviction Order? I have lost my peace of mind on this. Seek all of your Experts Advice.