Daughter harrased by in laws

Dear Sir/Madam, We are from a middle class family and daughter was married to a boy in our caste last 2 years before. As usual most common in india, my daughter is getting harrased by her all in laws (Mother in law ) (Father in law) (Sister in law-divorved) and (Brother in law). After one year marraige my daughter got pregnant and due to some wrong food provided by in laws, as she got severe pain in her stomach on the next day and bleeding too, she went through abortion in a goverment hospital in mumbai. Also in the month of June 2015, she was 3 months preganant and got miscarraige. My daughter is facing too much tough problems by her in laws and now from last 1 week her husband also hurting her by slapping her sometimes and also after several reminders her husband is not taking interest to move along out of the house. We are ready to provide a house on lesser rent for them, but her husband is not ready to move in, as he is aware of everything. Kindly suggest what should we do? am in a big mess now a days, if i take a police action then maybe they will divorce my daughter. Am afraid. Help plz!