Wife is sending police summon, legal notice, fighting in house regularly

I have married my wife through matrimonial brokering and we are tied in marriage life for past 5.7 years. we have a girl child of 5 years old. Since the marriage, he has been fighting with me for silly things at night till 1am, 2am. While this was happing for a about 2 years, during the altercation, she either fell on ground or hit on the wall and sustained a small bone chip fragmentation. Once, we realized this in the next day, I took her to hospital and made treatment. However, her mother being from medical background (Nursing tutor) and legal experience, had took her daughter to hospital and made big bandage for 2 months and got medical certificate for the injury in government hospital where she works. With this background, she (wife and mother in-law) filed police complaint on me and family, DV compliant in Collector officer, sent police summon, legal notice to my office, etc. These things happed in 2018 April. After the compliant, the women police officer asked to go for compromise, based on that she came with me withdrawing the DV compliant. However, since this incident, she has been fighting with me again for everything, asking me not to talk to my family, asking my full salary. If I response to her fight, she calls to police helpline, calls to lawyer and asking them to sent legal notice again. I have tried taking her out to tour places, spent money purchasing dress, gold, started giving monthly money for her expenses. I put my daughter in school in city where I work. I have consulted her with doctors, asked neighbors to talk to her, asked them to give good suggestion on leaving fight. However, she has the habit of calling women helpline and talking to their lawyer regularly. But for last 2 years, she speaks in utter bad words with me, abusing my family members, not cooperating for intimacy, crying, fighting till mid night. Want to argue and fight on daily basis. Secretly handling her mobile, not allowing me to see her mobile screen. if I ask, she says no. Recently, I came to know she was in love with a guys in her college, however their parents denied that marriage proposal. I am suspecting may be this could be the reason why she misbehaves. She says the following repeatedly, If you want, go and file a divorce case. But she does not do that. Expecting me to initiate. Go to some paid girls for intimacy. I won't come. Hurting herself frequently as I stopped going near to her while she is crying. Blocking my mobile number. Trying for suicide, putting knife into her belly, throwing things. In 2019, she got admitted in hospital for suicide attempt at her home, and made police complaint again. I left her at home town, now, started threatening me on sending legal notice and police complaint. I want to give better life to my daughter, hence I am tolerating her nonsense and compromised. Now I could not handle her nonsense anymore. Kindly let me know whether I should file divorce case or any other case against her.