Wife asking for child maintenance amount for divorce

Hi, My wife and myself had a pretty good healthy marriage for around 3 yrs. We both are well educated and from well cultured family.We decided to have a baby and suddenly after having the child now, she is not ready to come back from her parents place and demanding divorce with huge child maintenance amount. She earns equally well as much as I do. She is not ready to meet me and staying at some unknown location now with her parents. It's been over a year now . I feel she just want to stay alone and waste my time in court matters as she's not ready for mutual divorce unless I pay her a huge amount The allegations made by her are baseless and regular hitch up matters.Looks as if she was waiting for the child to arrive in this world and then demand money from me. What would be the best thing to do under such scenario? I have really tried my level best for our relationship but seems like my efforts are in vain. Please suggest how to come out of this as I do not want my life to get stuck because of her.