Rcr must not be allowed ? Fasah legal in india?

I am a muslim man , married a muslim girl without any dowry. we both lived happily in my home for 15 months. we have no children because my wife has been undergoing infertility treatment till she leaved my home. the day before she left me, we both went to the doctor and she has been undergone final ultrasound scan for detecting ovulation process. but the result is not in our favour. she was very depressed throughout the night. and the next day when i wake up, i saw her crying and she told me that god will not give us a child. then she asked me, can i go to my house and comeback after 2 days because she has to see her family members. then she called her father and has taken gold ornaments and clothes which was purchased by me and left my home. i found her mobile in my room after she leaved .she called me by phone the day she left my home and never called me again.. i called her father but he is not giving her phone. 3 days later i went to muslim jamath and given them a petition that her father is not letting her to come to my home. the jamaath authority has called her father by phone. and my wife and her father told that she will never come again to my home. then i have given a RCR 281 of muhammadan law to the court asking the court to help me to bring back my wife. she doesn't came to the court first time and the court ordered for councelling. she came for councelling, but now her character has changed, she is making false allegations and said to the mediator that she is not my wife now, because she has done 'fasah" {islamic way to divorce a husband}and she will not come again. before councelling she has not informed me in any way that she has done fasah. the mediator said your husband and wife realtionship will not succeed because of her attitude towards you. and he will recommend the court that rcr must not be allowed. she is making false allegations and i reject all her allegations. i dont make any allegation against my wife. But why should he recommend that rcr must not be allowed? Fasah legal in india?