Claim of rent /mesne profit from a sibling who is forcibly living

We want to Claim rent /mesne profit , from a Culprit - sibling who is forcibly occupying 2 flrs of 270 yards of property snce 7-8 years , shares of other 4 siblings ,who had won in Bidding and his 1/5 share was deposited in court , as suggested by DBL Bench in Hoble HC in 2012 . Before the decree could be passed he had filed SLP IN SC in Nov 2012 . He got relief and oredered ' status co ' to be maintained No respite for other 4 , who lost all movable and immovale assets of our recently lost parents . we all distressed , filed several IAs all dismissed on one pretext or the other . The latest IA filed for means profit - date was on 16 July . Nothing was discussed on means profit which we requested to be given - till the case is not resolved . Appellent wants to revise the bid amount to be revised So The SC ordered the case to be shifted back to HC . For rebidding . STRANGE ? What is the fate of the case and the respondants For how long we have to be on road