Can i file a divorce case agnst my wife who has file a complaint

My wife has filed a fake complaint in SP office against me and my family (My mother, father, Brother and his wife) that we are asking for dowry and beat her. we didn't ask for any dowry not even a single 1 rupee since our marriage or didn't beat her. My Father and mother are senior citizens. My father is heart patient and my mother has disc problem, she cannot walk or stand for a long time. she needs rest. My wife do not want to work at home (like making food, washing, cleaning home etc.). She do not look after my parents. she only wants to do shopping, travelling etc. She even do not like my parents and my brother and her wife. She doubt on me every time. she orders me to wash utensils, cloths, clean home and sometimes do all home work after coming from office. She is loose temper. She always gives threatening to me that her parents will not spare you if i do not walk like she say. She always threatens me that she will kill herself and my daughter and give a suicide note that me and my family is responsible for her suicide. She do not give respect to my parents, do not make food for my parents. I have 2 years old daughter. Moreover one day my wife slapped my Mother upon a reason that she asked my mother to give back her daughter and my mother didn't listen her. My mother and father both have hearing problem. I am working in a private company and work in company for 9 to 10 hours daily. My wife and her family members are making pressure on me from last 2 and a half years to leave my parents and stay away from them. they are harassing me mentally and they are forcing me to hire a separate accommodation and stay away from parents. My parents are ill and their treatment is going under. they cannot survive without me. i am the only person in house who get the needy things like medicine, ration etc. for them from market. my brother is working out of state and he is living there with his wife. She (my wife) and her parents filed a false complaint with DSP and i got a call from him to present within 2-3 days in SP office. The DSP is my brother-in-law's close friend. I am afraid that if i went there they can harm me physically and can make pressure on me to give a written statement according to them. My in-laws are politically and financially strong. One month ago i requested them to come to our home and advice their daughter not to do such things. They came. Me and one of my freind discussed with them everything and they agree to send back my wife. they asked for 1 month so that my wife minds get a change and she will understand everything. me and my wife didnt talk for a month but after one month i received a call from SP office that your wife has filed a complaint against you and your whole family and you will have to present in front of DSP. Please tell me what should i do and can i file a divorce case against my wife who has file a fake complaing against me and my family.