About divorce from my wife

Sir, my marriage was solemnized in 2004, and my wife filed various cases against me any my family members in june 2006. I am serving in an govt. dept. during this 2 years period she resided with me only 3-4 months in break. She resides in other State. In brief about cases are- 1. She filed 498a,406 on 22-june -2006,- letter on this case was transferred in my city, still pending for her evidence, as she wants to prolong all the cases. 2. On 27-June-2006 she affidavit and filed on 02-July-2006 as case u/s 9 and sec 24 of HMA. - still pending in her city, i got summed in this case in 2012 i.e. after lapse of 6 years. I had given consent in court that i am ready to cohabit with her and requested to court for direction to her for cohabiting with me. but she is not interested to cohabit but only wants to hanging all the cases live. 3. On 03-July-2006 she filed a case u/s 125 - allowed - Rs. 1500/- P.M. as i am paying. 4. On 04-July-2006 she filed a case u/s 18 of HAMA - still pending before CJ(JD) in her town. 5. On 22- July-2006 she sent a legal notice for Stridhan - in reply to this i sent a reply and requested to her for cohabit with me. 6. On 22-August-2006, she filed a case u/s 405,406 with breach of trust etc. in JMFC, letter on this was dismissed by lower court. 7. after decision on 125 case she filed a revision beofore the Session court in 2008 and this was decided in 2014- dismissed- I am not aware about this case i.e. i was never summoned. 8. after dismissing of case u/s 405,406 she filed a revision before session court in 2011- decided- In this matter also I never summoned. 9. after decision u/s 24 of HMA @ 1500/- per month, she filed a Writ petition in high court against this decision- pending. 10. in another matter of u/s 18 of HAMA, i filed a amendment, which was allowed by the CJ(JD), and my wife filled a Writ petition against this order -pending. Sir, I make all the efforts for compromise, as i filed an application in sec 9 for cohabitation as well as i make lots of other efforts with my friends, relatives etc.but she is not ready to wind up these legal battle. Sir, now i want divorce only. pl. help me and suggest how should i proceed as sec 9 is still pending in her city. i want to file divorce in my city. I have spent almost 10 years in court cases. Please suggest me how i become free from evil lady and also suggest a reputted lawyer in Rajasthan. Pl. suggest urgently. Regards.