Residential Redevlopment Project

We are in the process of short-listing developers after the tender process and some of the developers have agreed to initially load TDR only sufficient for existing members due to larger investment, to which there were apprehensions by the members that in-case the developer due to whatever reason fails to get addition TDR for the rest of the building after constructing the floors required to accommodate existing members and the building is delayed for completion, the developer indicated that he will acquire part OC and accommodate the existing members in the new structure after completing the finishing of the building till the existing members and rest of the building will be completed only after he is able to get additional TDR. Can part OC be obtained and can the members get the permanent power and water connections from relevant depts. and any other service usually available after full OC? Are there any legal implications or any other matters to which the society will have to bear? Thank You