Maintenance or Alimony

Me and my wife have completed 21 years of married life. Both our children are majors. One has already started working. Wife has been complaining bitterly since last many years that I left a well paying government job after taking voluntary retirement and joined private sector where there is no job security. Although leaving the government job was a decision taken jointly and at the time of leaving the government job, she was quite supportive. Although I have never been jobless since joining private sector and getting paid as much, I am fed up of this daily dose of raving and ranting as she feels the pinch of the comfortable government job where she used to enjoy many perks which came my way which she no longer enjoys and has to do the daily chores like cooking and cleaning herself at home. My wife also has never taken up any job after marriage and is also a graduate and can work if required although she does not have any professional/special skills or qualifications like computers etc. Now if she contemplates to give me a divorce (she is in mid 40's) and have an out of court settlement as Alimony or a monthly maintenance, how much will it work out to as I am myself fed up of all this and can't handle it anymore. My health too is taking a toll being mentally fatigued. My monthly income is approx 1.25 lacs. My wife is a home maker. Please advise. Raj Kumar Verma