Security deposit dispute with owner and flatmates

Dear Sir/Madam, I had rented a flat in Bangalore along with few flatmates from 2012-2015. Our owner stays abroad. My name was not included in first agreement due to increase in rent by doing so but it was present in second one. Now there is third renewal of agreement, which was due on February, but I am not sure whether it contains my name or not as I was out of Bangalore during that period of time and I was about to vacate in April. Over the period as and when people started moving out we had developed system internally of finding one's own replacement and getting share of deposit back. Which means who ever is leaving will get replacement and will get own share of deposit back from the replacement. Before I moved out there were disputes among us and we agreed that I will not search for replacement and will get my share back from flatmates before I handover keys. I have not handed over keys yet and informed owner about it. He has asked us to resolve it among ourselves. It seems they have duplicated keys and now do not need the ones which I have. But I do not have any communication from them. And all of them are denying to return the deposit amount. I have all the transaction proofs where I have transferred money for deposit as well as rent for all these months. Can you please let me know if there is anything that I can do in this case? Do I have any case here? If not can I file FIR against them to get my money back?