Division of property

Mr kishan had a property in nainital district of uttarakhand He had three sons name chinta mani and durga dutta and shankar after death of mr kishan Property was divided among three son just by a vocal agreement Mr. Shankar never got married and got died leaving his part chinta mani got 1 part and durga dutta holded 2 parts (1 his own and 1 of shankar by vocal agreement with chinta mani) Mr. Durga dutt got married To Mrs rekha devi but soon she died Then mr. Durga dutta got married again with Mrs jeewanti and they couldn't produce any child for many years so mr. Durga dutta got married again to Mrs devki devi and mr. Durga dutt got a son from devki devi after few years Mrs jeewanti also got married Finally durga dutt had 2 wifes 1. Jeewanti devi ( had 3 son) 2. Devki devi ( 1 son and 1 died at age of 22) durga dutta decided to divide his property equal between both wifes house was also divided equal at present time the property holded by durga dutta is in 2 parts 1 of jeewanti and his sons 1 of devki devi n his son devki devi and durga dutta is dead Now jeewanti and his son wants the property of durga dutta to be divided in 4 parts among sons And wife of chinta mani too asking for her share in durga dutta's property as he had 1 extra part What is the legal division in this condition