False Report of Eve teasing on Police number 100

I am a resident of Mumbai. The arguement with my neighbour started on water leakage between our walls but My neighbour has misued the law and called police to frame charges against me that i tease her daughter. Police took me to Police station but there the compromise was done regarding water leakage and no complaint was lodged. I wrote a letter to SHO and got 25 odd neighbours signature that i am framed in this false charge and real reason is water leakage. Yet i have not submitted it to SHO. My only fear are as mentioned below and please answer them individually: 1. Can my neighbour put same kind of charge again one me? Knowing fully well that the complaint on 100 was made on eve teasing but compromise done on a plain paper is that we will sort out water leakage issue? 2. Is it not clear from above details that he tried to falsly implicate me but could not succeed? What should i do now? 3. will that letter of 25 neighbour of any use to me? where should i submit it? 4. What precations shd i take to prevent similar cases? 5. Can i lodge a complaint against him? if yes then can he agail slap similar charge on me? 6. I want to get rid of the fear of the same eve teasing charges..please suggest Regards