Distribution of father property

Hyderabad , telangana.. We are five sisters and no brothers. my father has a self built house. he has no ancestral property. my two elders sisters got married in 1979 and now they have children and grand children. my mother and father gave some gold gifts to their elder children and grand children which did not have any account . we , the last three daughters were married little late between 1994 to 96. my elder sisters who were married never extended any kind of moral support to us, they not even visited us for several years and also for marriages. however, whenever they need something they rush to father/mother for money. my mother died in 2006. during that time my eldest sister (who married to my mothers brother) refused to come but we made several phone calls to come and see mother. my mother has already given all her jewelry to her and some fixed deposits which none of us knew. this my mother told to my younger sister around one month before her death as she was there for her delivery. when we asked my sister said is nothing some weightless pieces, we didnot want to argue with her, as we lost 2ed sister by then. my self and my husband looked after several needs of the family for more than 20 years. now we are jobless , no property and also our children are young, still studying. my other two younger sisters are not financially as bad as me. they agreed to little more portion in the property as i helped them financially several time, infact they stayed with me for several years. one of my elder sister (2nd) died in 1999. she has one son and one daughter and grand children. they are financially sound. my father wanted to execute will (sometimes he says i will do and sometime i donot), he is totally bed ridden for the past 2 years. my self, my husband and another younger sister staying with my father and looking after him. i wanted to ask him for more share in house but didnot express as it is a sensitive issue. this is his self acquired property. do my elder sisters get share in it if he does not execute will. as one of my elder sister died , will she also get share. her children are married and received gold gifts from my father but never come to help till now. when we want to talk to my eldest sister she is making the conversation a big mess and shouts at us. what we have to do. advise me.