I want divorce from my wife. Firstly i did not want to marry her , but due to family pressure i said yes, but immediately after eight days of saying yes i cleared her the entire situation and told her that i cannot get married to her. But she forcefully married me, i even told the same to her parents that i cannot and i dont want to marry thier daughter , but they forced me to this marriage. Its been two years now that we are married and we are not at all happy , i really don't like her and we are not getting along well with each other at all. She is not a nice lady , she has no respect for my parents , she don't talk nicely to my parents infact she don't talk with them at all. She don't do any household work. Even my mom serve her food on her bed. She forces me to have s*x with her , it feels like i am getting rapped. I don't want to live with her at all but she says she is not going to give me divorce at any cost. Even her family members are forcing me to continue this relation unnecessarily when there is nothing in this marriage. I am in a big problem , i don't know what to do. They are just forcing me to continue this marriage and i don't want to. On the other hand they bully me by saying that if i don't continue this they will kill me , do this and that. What should i do??