Namste, I am Medical Officer at Primary health centre in Gujarat. One of the staff nurse working at the PHC was residing in Medical Officer's quaters before I was appointed at PHC.before coming to PHC,I met her.She requested me to allow her to reside at my quaters for some days.So as kindness I allowed her to reside at my quaters.after 20 days when I asked her to leave my quaters as I wanted to live there,she made excuse that her house in near city was being repaired so she wanted to live there for next 3 month .so I refused her and ordered her to leave my quaters but she quarrelled with me and told me that she did not want to live in house on rent and she asked me to allow her to live in old assembly hall of PHC for three month.as there was no facility of staff nurse quater but of my nature of kindness I allowed her to live in hall. But after 3 month when I asked to leave she refused to leave.and misbehaved with me.I have audio recording of her misbehaviour with me. Next day I had informed Chief district health officer about incident in written and requested him to take legal action against her.but he did not taken any actions yet I also reminded him 3 times for to take actions but had not taken any actions.so I went to DDO but he had not properly listened to me and and asked me to submit documents to his assistant. My reason to ask for help from you is that can I suspend staff nurse on misbehavior.?have I power to suspend the staff nurse?what steps I should take next?