Query on divorce

Dear Sir, I am married since Feb 2005 (as per Hindu rites) and have a six year old daughter. To begin with there was always lack of physical intimacy in our marriage and as the time passed it became almost non-existent( from almost 7 years). Now there is no emotional connect or compatability as from last one year we have been staying in separate cities due to his work. He is mostly aloof of me and is an average father to my daughter, as I have to remind him constantly to spend time with her (since she misses him a lot). Now, I have no harsh feelings for him because probably he is incapable to understand the requirements for a healthy adult relationship. He refuses to acknowledge my agony as an unloved alone partner and parent in this namesake marriage. I am not working full time currently but intend to do so in coming months. Please help me understand my chances of getting out of this relationship and the process,rajasthan because I am in it only for my daughter and he is only in it because of social stigma attached to divorce.