Registry Madhya Pradesh

Hello, I bought a flat 10 years ago in Damoh Madhya Pradesh. Economically I was not good then so I had agreement of sale with seller and we verbly agreed for registration after some times. Now I'm unable to find seller as he has left city 2-3 years after our project apartment finished and is not tractable. I learnt that suit of specific performance is only solution left. I have agreement of sale and receipt of money paid, map. My question from knowledgeable people here are 1. Can I apply for registration from court through a lawyer? 2. If yes, will it be as good as original registry or I have to face issues while selling? 3. Do i need other documents like diversion copy, khasra copy etc as I dont have those things. 4. How long a case can take place? I need to sell house by January next year so I can admit my kid to new school before session begins. So if I use suit for specific performance will it take long time? 5. Any other tip/help/advice. Thanks. Anand Mohan Awasthi Damoh MP