Wife left home without any big reason

Hello. I am akshay I married on 24feb 19 my wife left the house said that "you give me divorce other wise I will go anywhere"on 5may19 without any big reason never did physical relation, we try to get her back but she never agree to return, now doesn't stay with me from 19 months. also we do not prepare marriage certificate & she told me to you give divorce she will never give divorce & not stay with me so I told her you demand for divorce then you give why should I give she never agree to give divorce and doesn't stay with us, finally with help from my lawyer we send leagal notice to return back but she never return & send false reply with compensation to our notice she doesn't want to stay also she is graduate and still working contract basis, we file RCR though our layer I am ready to accept her but she never return back she also created account in matrimonial site with out devorce or there is any chance to get divorce if she not ready without maintainance to her and it's possible to file complian for her act in matrimonial site . we are 2 people in family myself and mother and we are financial weak for maintenance my mother have hypertension problem pls suggest