Wife filed divorce petition under 1869 section 10.

Hi, I am Catholic Christian and married for 4 years with 2.5 year old Daughter. My Wife is more educated than me,earns more than me. Problem is she is very dominating,wants everything to be done her way,fights for silly matters(it is like she looks oprtunities to fight or create if none exists).SHe was highly depressed due to her engagement breakup with another person befores she married me.She used to take Restyl pill and always therened me that she will o overdose on the pill if i do not obey her wishes. She has written one suicide note(I have them with me in original which are signed by her) an also once created scene in the building by climbing on the window and threatening to jump at midnight(neighbours informed police who took her to police station later).Her mum used to live with us (my parents in a different city) and she used blindly support her daughter wheen she used to fight with me.Many times my wife slapped me infront of her mother and still her mother never stopped her.I suspect she has a mental illness as she verbally and physically abuses her mother and father too infront of me.She has made her father to bend down and hold her legs and say sorry once and slapped her mother so hard that she had to be treated in hospital once.She has tried to harm her dad by knife(she has done this with me tooo,I escaped by running out of hose bare footed).Surprising thing is neither her Mom nor her dad complaints about her behaviour with police/relatives and soon after th eincident behave with her and others normally as if nothing happened(this makes me to think that she has sickness and they are aware of it). Once when she was fighting with her father at my house with knife she was taken to mental hospital by neghbours an treated for 17 days(i was away that day).(Doctor refuses to share treatment report with me fearing legal action from her). Since last one year she is staying at parents house at different city and 3 month back filed divorce petition under 1869 section 10 accusing me of cruelty to her(fabricating false situations), Court had sent notices to me but i never received as I return at night.(she told me so). Yesterday she has emailed me the petition copy. Pl help me with the following. 1.SHould i contest the petition as she tortures me and and vice versa as accused by her 2.What will happen if I do not contest or receive any notices from court 3.Will court ask me to pay mantainance(she earns double than me and qualified more than me). 4.Can court give criminal punishment to me if i do not contest as i want divorce too at the earliest.. How can i prove she tortured me.(She does not have a signgle eveidence that I torrtured her as i never did).