Agricultural and

3 acres of Agricultural land was purchased BY Deveswar Prit Singh on 30/12/1993. He expired 19/07/2001. Mutation Register MR No 16, 10/06/2003 indicate Khata of the said Agricultural LAND HAS BEEN TRANSFERRED TO KARNATAKA GOVT AS PER COURT DIRECTION FOR VIOLATION OF 79 A&B BY Dewsawar Prit Singh. . RTC also reflected the same. Subsequently, Mutation Register MR NO. 91 dated 12/06/2012 indicate based on Direction of Dy Tahsildar, khata was restored to wife & sons of Late Devswara Prit Singh. RTC ALSO REPLFECT OF THE SAME. A Developer by taking a GPA from Wife & Children,converted the Agricultural land to non-agricultural & taken due approval from BIAAPPA for Layout. Everything looks fine from out look. But has some draw backs. Late Deveswara has lost his sale deed. Formality of FIR & Paper publication done. So DEVELOPER depends on MR & RTC FOR authentication of ownership. Developer has no papers relating to transferring Khata from Late DEVESWAR TO GOVT & report & order of Tahsildar Restoring land to owner family. My question is whether only MR & RTC is sufficient? Since we do not know on what basis Dy Tahsilad has restored Land to Late Deveswara family ,can we buy confidently plot from this layout? We do not know the decision of DyTahsildar is right or wrong & can any higher officer change that decision in future,if it is wrong & what will be our risk in that event? Can we buy Plot ultimately?