Plot boundary dispute with neighboring survey owner

Hi Sir, I have plot/site in Sy no. XYZ in Bangalore. Its North facing BBMP A khata site formed by private landowner in 2003 (part of erstwhile Byatarayanapura CMC). Its dimensions are North-South 40ft x East-west 30ft. My site is the last one in Sy no. XYZ. Schedule Property : ( My site schedule) East By : Site-XX West By: Sy No ABC (Right now house built on 30x40ft site) North By : 30ft road South By : Site No-XX On West side of my plot , there is another layout formed in Sy.No ABC. It is also a non-BDA, non-approved private layout. There is a house built on 30x40 site on west-side of my plot. Schedule Property : ( House schedule) East By : Remaining property West By: Site No-XX North By : 30ft road South By : Site No-XX Owner of Sy no. ABC claims 10ft belongs to him beside the house constructed on east-side. There is no claim by house-owner himself. Currently my site is vacant and i plan to construct a house in near future. My concern is , whether owner of ABC can go to court and stall my house construction ? Please let me know if you need more details.