Deductions from Security Deposit

Hello, I am living in this rented from from last 6 years. The agreement was standard and stated normal wear and tear will be okay, Damaged caused due to misuse and negligence will be deducted. Now my landlord wants to deduct the following: 1. Painting ( he has never painted the house while handover or in last 6 years) Paint is not chippped anywhere but a kid had drawn 2 lines on the wall with pen. 2. Broken (3 ) tiles, which broke because the construction is such that most tiles are uneven and have no cement underneath so when you step on them regularly they crack. 3. minor clipping (old 25p coin size) of tiles in flat 4-5 places in 2BHK (900sqft) 4. Minor crack in main door frame. Which happend as in Rainy season the door gets jammed and takes pressure to operate. 5. Hole made for AC installation. (made by professional and machine cutting) I spend Rs.1500 to make the hole with Landlords Permission. 6. Cleaning (not sure what level of cleaning he expects). I employ a maid who sweeps and swipes the flat and I vaccum it every month.