Director is working against the company

A director ( Mr. X) who is also the shareholder of 44% in my company , while I am ( Mr. Y) also the director and holding 55% share of company and operating the company with another Director ( Mr. Z) having NIL share. Mr. X is creating the hurdle and false complain submitted to BANK and made the request to close the all advance facility of company , therefore bank had reduced the advance facility without the concern of company , also bank had request to submit the KYC documents of all promotors and directors but Mr. X refrain (verbal) to submit the documents and company is unable to submit the KYC documents to the bank on time. Now bank it threating us to freeze the account operation. While Mr. Y and Z are ready to submit the documents , but bank refrain to accept the documents for only two director. Which is creating the lot of hurdle for day to day operation of company, also Mr. X had informed various PSU customer that company is now closed and dissolved thrugh email while there is no any discussion had been or resolution had been passed. Please suggest , your view??