Interim maintenance or maintenance

Sir it is possible to claim interim maintenance from my wife even I want to lead a happy life with her. We have 12 months baby girl. After delivery itself my wife not came to my home even after 5 months also. She put a condition that if I accepted for separate family she will come. But suddenly after 8 months she messaged me I will come., so I brought back her. Only two months only she lived with me with our child, but later a small quarrel came with myself and wife and she went to police station stating that she want to go her mother's home and I am not giving the child. Later in the police station she has given a statement that she need 15 days time to come back to my home. But she not came back and now demanding me to give 5000 every month. I told that i want to live with u, u come to our home I will take care of both u and child. But she s not accepting and now black mailing me that she will file a case against me stating I ve beat and scolded her if I not give the amount.she is not showing my daughter also and she s always demanding for money only