Custody of children and restraint order against inlaws

Hello and good day. I and my wife have several differences which can not be compromised. We are married for 16 years and have two children. Both are girls. 9 and 11 yrs old. It's clear that the divorce is the only thing left to do. However there are a number of issues which need to be settled before the divorce can be file. My wife presently lives in Abu Dhabi UAE with the children. I have been back in India from Abu Dhabi since the last two years. For my work. I did ask my wife to relocate a number of times and she has always denied to relocate saying that after living alone for the last two years she likes her freedom and can't be living with me because she now is not answerable for what she does. The children would visit me every school holiday over the last two years my wife also woukd visit me in india and we have gone on 3 family holiday together over seas. Recently the wife has stopped the children from contacting me and not allowing me to contact the kids. It's been 2 months plus that I have not had any contact from them. I have just come to know that she has sent the children to visit my inlaws in Bangkok Thailand. She has sent them without asking me or taking my consent. I don't like the children visiting the in laws because they have interfered heavily in my marriage and brainwashed my wife against me and also recently the children too. Further more her brother who is also there is a criminal who has spent jail term for crimes, presently is a gambling bookie and is having several loan sharks looking for him. For this reason I fear that my children are in a bad influence environment. I visited Bangkok when I came to know that the children are there. I went to see them at my inlaws house. The same day I reached the wife also reached. And she would not let me have any alone time with the children saying that she doesn't trust me and that I will kid nap the children. I had to get a local lawyer in Bangkok to agree for thr children to decide if they wish to spend time with me. They children agreed to the lawyer that they wish to spend time with me from the morning to evening, 9am to 10pm. This was agreed with the wife and the lawyer based on the kids stating they wish to spend time with me. For the full stay of there for the next 12 days. And from this they will decide 2 days to spend with the inlaws. The next morning when they were to meet me the father in law called the lawyer stating the one child is not comfortable to meet the father. And the other will meet but in supervision of the mother or the grandmother. I had met them 3 days with supervision. And felt that each time the hostility was increasing from the kids towards me. Also the wife was very negative and hostile towards me. With the in laws constantly calling her and messaging her on her phone to check if all is ok. It's for sure the children are brainwashed and influenced and told how to behave. Never in the past have the children shown any hostility towards me. I have never harmed the kids and have been the best father to them. The mother is using the kids as a leverage to hurt me and will not allow me to have any alone time because she feels that the children might tell me what is happening with the inlaws and her self. So perhaps fears that I will know they are brainwashed One daughter has said to me that must forgive her because she can't call me and message me because she was told by her mother and grand mother that she must sleep and not contact me. She also said that she wants to see me and meet me but is told it's not possible as there is some other plans made by the grandparents for the kids. Despite the kids being in Bangkok for 15 days already yet still the grand parents do not allow the kids to spend any time with me which is supposed to be quality time. The children are being used as a tool in this and their innocent minds are being polluted and turned against me. Can you pls advise me how can I apply for custody and care for the kids. I have proof stated by the mother that she is fed up of the one daughter who troubles her and she has sworn at her with bad profanities and called her derogatory names. Also slapped her in public with a loud scolding. Also I wish to have a restrain order put on the inlaws so they can not come any where near to the kids. Either in Abu Dhabi or for the kids to visit them anywhere in the world. Can this be allowed on the basis they are interfering and causing more trouble to the marriage and relationship I have with the kids .Also the fact that the father in law is supporting the son in the wrong dealings and encouraging him to stay outside of Bangkok while the police are looking for him and the loan sharks are searching him. The brother in law in in India. Hiding out . Because he can not now return back to Bangkok. Should I report him to the Bangkok police and inform his exact whereabouts . This will cause the father in law more trouble also because he has made a statement that he has no idea where his son is. But the truth is that the son is in india living at the father house . Last how can I get any kind of visiting access to my kids which is unsupervised while I stay in Bangkok. I am fed up of spending time with the kids around the mother who is hampering the bonding with the kids as quality bonding. I need advise how to go about filing for access. Custody. Divorce. It was a Hindu marriage in india. The wife is an Indian passport holder and I am a European French Passport holder of Indian origin. Please advise. Thanks