Marriage Sec 498A with compenstaion

I have married in July 2014 in Kolkata as a social marriage and we both married second time as our first marriage ended in mutual divorced, I lived in Delhi as a working as a sales person and after marriage we came back to Delhi. After came back to Delhi as my job requires almost 15 days travel my wife not happy about that, as we told all these facts before marriage. In that her only wish is to have be with her all time and did harassment about that you are not good as physical relations, you definitely have affair outside and she stopped all daily routine and threatened that if you not treated her as a good sexual partner she will divorce you or even filed case against you. after all these she left Delhi on August 31st and went to her parental house, I tried to make her understand several times but her approach was arrogant with her father and mother indulge the same and provoking her to file case against my family ( both my parents over 70) and me. I went to Kolkata again on 28th September during Puja and try to sorted out the difference and she threatened me that she will commit suicide if I will not visit doctor treat myself. and as of all after I came back to Delhi again she didn't come back with me and filed case 498A and others against me and my parents on 23rd October. After all that we got ACB and Bail from Local Court and now they filed a case for RS. 15000/ compensation or if Mutually did Rs. 20Lakhs, and that demand they did from October to December all our relatives and threatened all if they contact with us she also involved in this case against them. Now kindly suggest in that where is my fault and what action I have to take, in my office also they sent a letter demanding money from them. My seniors requested me to sort out the case else they will be requesting me to resign from the job. My question is from you is that compensation be provided in such cases where we stayed together not even 2 months? Kindly suggest