I married to my 1st wife in 1993. A few days after marriage I and my parents found that the girl has some mental issue. My parents talked to her parents and brother. They took my wife away did some puja etc and after a few months sent her back to my home. This started repeatedly happening but her situation kept getting from bad to worse. In 1998 my wife became pregnant. She developed some complications and surgeons went for tubectomy I.e., removed her fallopian tube. Situation remained the same she kept showing illogical and sometimes even violent behavior. My parents started coaxing me to get married to someone else as I am the only son of my parents and they feared that lineage will come to an end if what is happening continued. I married the 2nd time in 2003 while still not divorcing my first wife. 12 years have gone since then. My 1st wife has not filed any bigamy suit against me. She is still living with my parents in my village. She has got increasingly more violent and sometimes even gets physical with my old parents. I never have met or seen her from 2003 after my second marriage and now to get legally separated from her for the sake of my children (I have 3 children all from my 2nd marriage and none from the first.). I know I have committed a crime and if the courts considering my situation finds me guilty I am ready to bear punishment for my deeds. Is it possible that I can file a divorce petition in court?