Ownership of residential property

1. I have acquired a residential property by taking home loan and finally while registration the property was registered against both me and my fathers name. 2. However since my father has expired three years back, so do i automatically becomes the sole owner of the house and registration of property needs no further action? 3. The property documents are still with the bank and am still paying EMI .I have two brothers, but there was no contribution from their side towards purchase of property. 4. My mother is ready to give NOC, in case it is a legal requirement for me becoming the sole owner post demise of my father. My brothers have till date not claimed any part of this property ; but I do have an apprehension that they may claim in case I do not become owner automatically post demise of my father as registration was in name of both me and my father; both are engineers and well educated. 4.However, my father did not leave any WILL so firstly, do my brothers can legally claim any part of this property or not ? secondly, if brothers cannot claim than do NOC from mother side is adequate for my ownership? thirdly,if NOC adequate from mother than do i require to get registration done on my name again or not? kindly advice ,because it is the only asset i have earned DURING MY GOVERNMENT SERVICE AND MY SIBLINGS HAVE NOT CONTRIBUTED ANY AMOUNT, PLEASE ADVISE LEGALLY