False DV case, I want to now all her asset and account detail.

My wife file false DV case and seeking for maintenance, She did MBA and she was working in HDFC bank, after marriage she took transfer to HDFC Bank in Gurgaon, but her salary enjoyed by her mother, and my wife compelling me to give my all salary to her (my wife), instead of that I was bearing all her unwanted expenses, but I never ever took single paisa from her, and even she never used her salary in Gurgaon. After 3 month in Gurgaon she left the job, then I asked her to leave with my parent at Kanpur and look after them bcoz they are on medicare, and I can shift at some economical place so i can manage my budget. Firstly she was denying but later on she agreed, and she went their, after 1 month in Kanpur her mother asked my parent to send her for Rakhsha Bandhan Occasion, my parent did same, she went to her parental home with her brother from kanpur. After that she stayed their for 2 and 1/2 year. between these years my Dad went their for 4 times to make her come along with him, but her mother denied and use filthy language with my Dad, and lastly she said " meri ladki pani me nahi bhing rahi hai", my dad finally replied that when ever you feel free send her, because from now onward we will not come her to take her along with us. after 2 and 1/2 year their parent and her brother came to Gurgaon and forcibly left her at my rented house were I was leaving with my parent, We thought they might realize their mistake, but after 10 days created a big drama at night her dad and brother came their along with police at 3 am, she alleged that I had beaten her badly, but I asked police men to do her medical, she said she don't want to leave with me right now she want to go with her parent. After 12 day's she filed complain in women cell along with "medical report" from some hospital in Gaziabad of her parental sate, Then I field 9 RCR and finally she filed DV in court. So please help me in how to find her asset detail and account detail if I know her PAN NO. ?