Partision Suit filed by elder brother

Dear Lawyer Friends My father bought a land in 1974 when is is original age was 20 years and age in school records were16.5 years. He was doing some activity related to agriculture and also funded by some relatives including father II and brother to purchase the land. He also used to go with his father as pandit in support and get some payment after service. Few days back ok that was augment within family and my uncle went to court asking the partition of that land which my father has bought in 1974. In 1974 my uncle was around 30 years and working with an government organisation. Now in the partition suit what he is claiming that he has paid the entire amount for buying the property and hence he should have the right it in the property if not full at least half. Whereas the entire sale deed contains no name of my uncle or payment made by him. Forever my uncle is claiming since she was 16 years as per official record he was not working that is my father was not working and he did not had any money he has finance date hence he deserves a partition in it. now all the people who have funded my father as well as the income which he has received from service Bal pandit is not able to show that income since she was minor and all the people who they have funded that time I have died now so no one is there also to come as a witness. What should be our approach to defend this partition suit since the property II was registered on my father's name in 1974 when he was 16.5 years as per school record and 20 years as per real age and my uncle was 30 years working with a government organisation. Saket