Null and void

I am from Anakapalli (Andhra Prades) have filed null and void case in family court and also filed criminal case against the lady and the police (Police - who is member from the girls family) in criminal court in 2013. Still the case is "ON". I am a Technical Engineer working in BPO - Hyderabad. Am planning for my further studies (MS) in USA, is it possible? I filed the case in Hyderabad as the place of incident occurred in Hyderabad in Oct 2013. Court sent the notice to that girl to attain the court but only once she attained that too for the first time and till 1year she didn't. In Oct 2014 she counter filed stating that due to her mother ill health she cant travel and requested the court to transfer the case to there native where they reside which is Eluru(Andhra Prades). Q) Is there possibility to transfer the case to girls native place? (Well I don't want this to happen) As my lawyer said it is not possible because place of incident is hyderabad and criminal case can not be transferred. Q) From last 1 year now she is attaining every hearing, but till now we are getting hearing dates only -case not yet started, what might me the issue? Q) Being a lady will court have soft corner? Q) She mentioned in her counter file that I used her, where as I didnt? I am ready for any physical test from my side? Q) Can I go for my further studies? Q) Will court permit me for 2-3 years to go abroad for further studies? Q) After going to USA will there be any problem - like can court call me with in 6 or any certain period? Q) If court grants me to go to USA can the lady and their family trouble me and my family as they have good contacts with police? Hope you got my point and if you have any other suggestions related to this point please guide me as am in big trouble.