False domestic violence

Respected sir, I have honour to inform you that I am an educated unemployed married man age 50 want your kind and valued advice regarding my family problems. I am Biplob resident of Assam facing lot of trouble from my late elder brother’s wife last 5 years. As a result I had separated from them on 3rd June 2012. I had quarrel with my brother for illegally misuse of my father’s account without proper permission from my father. When my father knows the fact he immediately told them to left his house but he refused to do so. Again he withdraws money without my father knowledge as a result my father got angry and told them to left his house and he left the house on the month of June 2013. His wife locks the room as they had some house hold materials. When my father request her to return his bank pass book cheque book and official document he refused to do so. Later on she withdraws Rs 40000 on 3/10/13 and Rs 29000 on 19/11/13. Without my father consent. Due to these activities my father is mentally and physically disturb so he change his bank document. On 26th June 2014 at Delhi which I came to know after his death. On 22nd July her brother (who is a lawyer) and one sister came to my house and threatened me and my 87 years old father to kill. My father is so afraid that he order me to transfer his land document in my name as his signature is duplicated by them, so I get permission from DC AND MUNICIPALITY office and transfer the land document in my name on 28/11/14 under sell deed and I got registered on 1/1/15, now on 21st April 2015 she sent one unknown women to open her room without any permission. During that time I am not present in the house when I heard the matter I immediately return my house. at the same time the women called my elder brother’s wife, after 5minutes she came along with her sister and try to killed me somehow I manage to escape. When local resident and local club members know the fact they advice me to report the matter to local police station. I file a FIR against them later on police came to my house a take statement from both party. On the same day they file FIR against me for misappropriated her golden ornament of amount Rs530000/-.later on the police search my house in presence of local resident. On 18th june 2015 she filed an application against me and my family members under section 12 of the protection of women from domestic violence act 2005(43 of 2005) against me. Now it is come to my notice that she had made a complaint to United Bank of India to Stop my father account and bank authority stop payment. Now my father is totally mantel disturb and he cannot speak any more. My father had two strock 15 years ago and his right side had affected due to the strock and he cannot write any thing last 8 years How can we handel this case please help me