Criminal case under section 498A with 307, 506, 34 and DV case

I married on Nov 02, 2014, my wife left matrimonial home on Feb 07, 2015 since she got call that her mother got heart attack. Same day her mobile was switched off and her parents did not respond for our call. She gave false complaint stating I was abusing her from day one physically and mentally on Mar 03, 2015. I went for concelling she refused and withdraw complaint from Vanitha Sahayavani stating i tried to kill her and she will go for legal action. She also had medical certificate from Govt Hospital which states, I tried to kill her on Feb 02, 2015 pressing her neck (Tenderness present in art part of the neck, X-ray of report is normal and injury type is simple in nature). FIR was registed on Mar 09, 2015 under IPC section 498a, 307, 506, 34. We got Regular Bail for this. She also filed DV Case on May 05, 2015 requesting Interim Maintenance (25K), Residence Order, Compensation, Cruelty (55 Lakhs). Her Cross Examination is done and she has accepted that she was working in private school as teacher drawing 3K (actually 10K) salary. She had attended marriage on Feb 05,2015 with our family members where photo and video does not have any mark on the neck (she told its make up and we scared her not to let any one about mark falsely). She was also taken to pregnency test on Feb 06, 2015 which came Negative. I have provided bills and doctor certificate for the test (She has stated she did not go to any hospital) I have my cross examination, what else evidences I have to gather to prove the case as false case. Please advice!