Engagement cancellation

Good Afternoon SIr, I am from AndhraPradesh hindu family, one month earlier i got engaged with a girl who is govt employee, at first 6 month before one lady mediator get this alliance at that time we rejected this alliance, then they enquird about us and known that we are far relatives for their relatives, again some conversation went between their relatives and me again i rejected, finally 40 days before their mediator taken my mobile number and started talking with me directly and analised my charecter and started motivating me.. some days ididnt life her call, one day she tried with another num and a long conversation went between us.. from that day she motivated me in terms of girls Govt job..dowry etc..one day their parents along with their 11 relatives came to my home, at that time we didnt promised them and said that both our SURNAMES are same so that we are confusing, next 2 days later they are communicating only with me,(my father is no more) but not with my mother even about dowry etc..my mother didnt seen that girl till fixation day, with in 6 days they given date of engagement in a confusion i accepted that, on the day (07/06/2015) of engagement i and my mother,relatives shocked by seeing that girl..she is very short .(4.4feet) and fat, in subconsious mind getting realized with in 15 mins they preplannedly finished the engagement and taken some photos..video. we didnt wrote or fix the date of marriage, and also didnt taken anything from them except golden ring, On the evening of Engagement day i fell down from my home steps and got spleenic injury with internal bleeding and hospitalized, on the same day we said her father and mother about cancellation of engagement, they waited for 7 days and making thretening calls to my friends and my sister husbend.. till date 2 sittings were over with their relatives but they are not compromising one of her reletive introdused him self as JUDGE and giving warnings to us, i and mother is getting deppressed day by day and i am not going to office with this problem, please help me regarding this problem, if they take any legal action on us...and what to do.